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Workbench takes the stress out of your holiday…

We often hear about the sacrifices that entrepreneurs and small business owners make when they first set up their new businesses. 

Whether it’s not taking a wage for the first year or having to use the kitchen table as their office. 

One question which can arise is, ‘Can you afford to take time off for a holiday during your first couple of years as a business owner?’

As a business owner, going on holiday can be stressful, and it doesn’t have to be. 

The reason you go on holiday is to enjoy your time off with your friends or family away from the stress of everyday life, leaving your work where it belongs… in the office! 

And thanks to our Virtual Office call and mail handling services, you can do just that.

Mail Handling 

Dealing with your mail-related admin is not something you dream about having to do when you get back from your holiday, or any time for that matter. 

Mail forwarding by post, email or collection from our Cardiff offices is available to all of our virtual office clients whether you are on our £20 or £50 a month plan.

Whilst it is important to switch off, we know all too well the temptation to check your work emails can be too strong, and that, in some cases, might be a necessity. 

Checking your emails is quick and simple wherever you are in the world. Physical post, however, is not.

With our mail handling, you won’t have to worry about missing a single important letter while you travel. We will scan all of your post and email you a copy on the same day as received. You will never miss a thing! 

Call Service

If you are planning on really venturing off the grid, our £50 a month plan could be the best fit for you and your business.

For this price, you get mail handling as well as call diverting, answering and message services, meaning your customers and clients are never left with your voicemail.

There is a small extra cost of £1 per call answered if answering services are required, and line charges at 8p per minute for landline/mobile. 

It is quick and easy to set up, cheaper than hiring somebody to handle your phone while you are away, and a stress-free solution to enjoying some well-deserved time away from your business responsibilities. 

Our virtual office packages are all completely flexible, short-term monthly agreements, and bring very minimal overhead while providing all the support you could need, including a Cardiff registered address and access to meeting rooms.

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