Workbench Serviced & Virtual Offices | Cardiff

A virtual office provides a physical address and services related to traditional offices minus the high overhead costs of a lease. Your employees can work from anywhere in a virtual office while still having access to phone answering services, a physical mailing address, and our excellent meeting rooms.

Here at Workbench, we offer three different Virtual Office monthly packages to help our clients expand their business. 

  • £20 – Business Address & Mail Scanning
  • £30 – Business Address, Mail Handling & Meeting Room
  • £50 – Business Address, Mail Handling, Meeting Room & Phone Support

There are many reasons a Virtual Office with Workbench could be the right fit for your business.

Whether it’s mail services you need or a credible business address that can be used on your website, for Companies House, or to improve your SEO. 

It’s this last reason we want to dive further into – using your virtual office address to improve your Search Engine Optimisation. 

The Marketers among us will know that no business is successful without an effective SEO strategy and the truth is that small businesses have just as much to gain from an effective SEO strategy as large corporations. By focusing on local SEO, small businesses can drive qualified local traffic, leads, and build a loyal and reliable customer base.

One of the major roadblocks for many small businesses looking to develop and implement an effective local SEO strategy is their address. For small businesses with a storefront, office, or other kinds of physical location, there’s usually no problem. But what if your business is run out of your home?

When a customer or client conducts a search, search engines, such as Google, typically customise the results you see using the information associated with your signed-in account, your IP address, and other factors. This way, they can provide results that are relevant and helpful to you, wherever you are.

In Google’s guide on representing a business, it states that you should only list a virtual address if it is staffed during your normal business hours, and follows these standards –

  • Provide a phone number that connects to your business as directly as possible
  • Provides regular customer-facing hours of operation 
  • Is a real-world location

Due to this, the majority of virtual offices (ones that simply offer a mailing address, and forward mail and phone calls) cannot qualify as a Google My Business address.

Workbench are proud to fit this criteria and to provide a first-class service to all.