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With two months down, we should be back to business as usual. 

A new year is a great opportunity to start fresh, reflect on the previous year and create goals for the future. Despite this, it can be all too easy to lose motivation if something isn’t going how you planned.

Whether you have new goals you want to reach or are trying to get motivated in the new year, here are some tips to regain motivation in 2023. 

Ease back into your routine 

Getting back into a routine can be challenging. Jumping straight back into a busy schedule can leave you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. If this may have been the case at the start of your year, it’s essential to ease yourself back in and create a manageable plan. 

A helpful method is to break down your to-do list into sections; this can help you plan what is essential to complete on certain days and help you block out time to complete your tasks on time. This will help you stay on track and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by trying to multitask.

Having a routine which works for you is essential for keeping on top of deadlines at work which can help lower stress levels. 

Set SMART goals 

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Setting SMART goals can help regain motivation by giving direction and organisation to reach goals in a practical and timely manner.

Life can get hectic, and breaking down goals can help with focus and using your time and resources productively. 

Get an accountability partner 

An accountability partner can help you stay motivated to reach your goals and stay on track for the remainder of the year. In addition, they can help you break down your goals into attainable steps, which can help when you feel overwhelmed.

There are many benefits to having an accountability partner, including improved performance, having someone to remind you of your goals, advising on ways to improve and helping plan strategies to achieve goals. 

 Find a good work-life balance 

Having a good work-life balance is vital to increase productivity in the workplace. It can be easy to normalise long working hours; however, taking a step back and evaluating if you have a good balance is important. 

Overworking can affect many aspects of your life, so noticing your triggers before you become burned out is essential. You will be more productive and enjoy work more if you have a better balance in life. 

Regaining motivation once lost is difficult; implementing these tips can make positive changes to you and your business.