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Questions to ask before moving office…

Moving office can be stressful with all the planning and logistics involved. As a business owner, there is a lot to think about before making a move, so it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure you choose a suitable space for your company. 

Whether your business is expanding, relocating, or it’s the end of your lease, how efficiently you move can significantly impact your business. No two companies are the same; this should be reflected in the office space to ensure the environment suits the business needs. 

Here are five questions to ask before deciding on an office for your business. 

What atmosphere are you wanting? 

Moving offices is a great time to question what atmosphere you want for your business and whether the current atmosphere is working. 

There are many options to choose from; it’s important to decide as these factors will contribute to the office atmosphere: 

  • Open-plan space?
  • Meeting rooms? 
  • Co-working spaces? 
  • Breakout rooms? 


Do you need room to grow? 

Before choosing a new office, you need to ask how much space you need and if you need room to grow. Of course, the last thing you want to do is to commit to a contract, and your company outgrows the space. Therefore, predicting growth before choosing a new space is essential to ensure longevity. 


Will the new office be fitted out? 

Some offices will come with desks, chairs and all the essentials, whereas others may just come as a shell. If you already have all the office supplies and furniture, this will change your criteria when searching for a new office. 

When looking around office spaces, this is an important question to know what you are signing up for. 


What resources do you need? 

Following on from the previous question, what resources does the business need to function and improve the workplace experience? The resources within an office are critical in shaping employees’ productivity and, hopefully, with the right resources, improving productivity. 

Evaluating your current space and any points that should change can help improve the following office space by eradicating friction areas. 


Does the space match the culture of your business? 

All businesses have employees with multiple personality types; each personality will prefer a different culture and style of office. Therefore, it’s important to match the business’s culture with the office space, as finding an office that fits everyone’s personality type is impossible. 

Creating a unique office culture with multiple functional working areas will help to match personality types to improve efficiency. This requires having the right mixture of quiet and collaborative spaces. 

There is a shift in the current workplace culture, which drives flexibility and collaboration; this may be an important factor to consider when finding a space that matches the business’s culture. 


At Workbench, we make our serviced, and virtual offices suit you and your business. You will only pay for the services you want and can decide on the telecoms supplier you wish to use. In addition, we offer flexible contracts ideal for start-ups and small businesses.