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2020 will go down in history as a year like no other. With so much change and uncertainty, businesses have been forced to adapt, evolve and pivot in order to survive. And even though the pandemic will be over one day, the way we choose to live our lives, especially the way we work moving forward, will most likely change forever.

  1. Working from home
    More people are working from home than ever which means fewer people commuting and fewer cars on the road. Homes have quickly become more than just where we live, but where we work with kitchen tables and bedroom corners becoming make-shift offices and company HQs. And with workers being stuck at home all year, there’s also been a spiked desire for country homes or homes with extra space – specifically an extra bedroom for a home office.
  1. Smaller workspaces
    As more people work from home, companies are downsizing their premises and even scrapping offices altogether. For businesses completely based from home, many have opted for a virtual office. This allows them to operate their business from anywhere while still having a professional office address, maintaining business credibility and protecting their personal address from clients and customers.
  1. More flexible work
    Nine-to-five doesn’t work for everyone, but most people have always just accepted it as a way of life. With the pandemic forcing us all to slow down and reassess our lives, many people have pushed flexible work to the top of their career priorities. Whether it’s to spend more time with family, do the school run, or simply get out of the rat race – more people now value a better quality of life and happiness over climbing the corporate ladder.
  1. Technology is a priority
    2020 has been the year of technology and there are not many people that haven’t experienced a zoom call. In the beginning, we panicked, but being forced to adapt and learn as we go has made us become significantly more tech-savvy with customer management software and team management tools becoming an essential aspect of how we work.

    Which has led to a huge…

  1. Increase in productivity
    With less commuting, less networking, increased flexibility and the use of technology, we’re wasting less time travelling and spending more time getting things done. Meetings can be executed much quicker over zoom than face-to-face and working remotely has meant fewer workplace distractions – unless you’re stuck at home with kids! In fact, efficiency has improved so much that many companies are choosing not to ‘go back to normal’ after the pandemic ends.
  1. Less networking
    With social distancing measures in place and COVID rules changing frequently across the country, we’ve sadly lost the social aspect of working life. Less lunch meetings, less drinks after work and less catch-ups over a cuppa. Although productivity has increased, building relationships has sadly been put on hold for the time being.

With 2021 just around the corner and news of successful vaccines for the future, what do you think the workplace will look like in the future?