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Here at Workbench, we understand how important collaborative space is, which is why all of our office spaces feature innovative breakout rooms. We believe offering a collaborative workspace allows businesses to establish the culture of their office environments and encourage discussion, teamwork and human connections. 

Bringing people together & building relationships

Collaboration allows people from a range of different backgrounds and skillsets to come together and create a diversity of knowledge. Not only this, but collaboration also helps employees to build relationships and trust each other, preventing isolation, loneliness and hostility in the workplace. This is more important than ever after the damaging impact of the pandemic on social interactions.

Creating a flexible, shared space for employees allows everyone to have more opportunities to relax and get to know each other, whilst also having a space for informal meetings and creative sessions. Encouraging employees to build relationships has proven to result in increased employee well-being and productivity. 

Enhancing Communications

Having a cooperative work environment also enhances communication, as team members can work together towards a common goal. Communal areas allow employees to speak casually and gain clarity on different ideas and objectives. Clear communication prevents misunderstandings and mistakes in the workplace, which, as a result, reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Preventing burnout & promoting creativity

Breakout spaces create a work environment that promotes creativity and brainstorming, ideal for when employees are stuck with a mental block or burnout. Taking a break from a formal, structured environment, and instead utilising a collaborative area allows employees to hear new perspectives and opinions from people with different skills and experiences. Hearing alternative ideas from those in other departments creates a joint commitment to problem-solving, and makes finding solutions simpler. 

Innovation & growth

Collaborative work is guaranteed to create business synergy, as two heads are almost always better than one. Working together encourages employees to expand on each other’s concepts and ideas, highlighting potential flaws and solutions. This ultimately maximises productivity and efficiency. Shared facilities encourage the exchanging of thoughts among team members, who can then weigh in with a variety of expertise.  

When people are constantly introduced to new ideas, it creates momentum and produces a cycle of creativity and innovation. In this environment, employees will always be learning new things, which will allow for flexibility. Knowledge of different fields will ensure employees can handle sudden changes and disruptions easier, which is pivotal for a business to succeed. 

If you feel your office space is lacking a collaborative break out area, Workbench could be perfect for you! 

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