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The workplace is constantly changing and businesses are re-evaluating office environments to adapt as a traditional office design is no longer the most effective for employee productivity. 

Providing a Breakout Space 

Working from home during the pandemic gave your staff more choices in terms of the ability to move room for a quiet space or move outside for some fresh air. 

Providing a breakout space at the workplace is a new way of delivering this; at Workbench, we have a variety of areas which you can use to relax and move away from the typical office desk environment. 

Breakout spaces have many benefits in the workplace. They can help to relieve stress as it allows you to step away from stressful situations to gather your thoughts in a more calming area. It can help with eyestrain and backache and support employees’ well-being by providing another workspace option. 

Collaborative Spaces 

Collaborative spaces are more important than ever, with more people working remotely or in a hybrid manner. These spaces are perfect for employees to work on projects together and brainstorm new innovative ideas. Collaboration can increase employees’ productivity and motivation. 

Biophilic Design 

A biophilic design is the process of bringing nature or more of the natural world into an area. For example, using natural light and plants can achieve biophilic design; this improves our natural circadian rhythm, which is vital for enhancing well-being. 

Changing office lighting can help with a biophilic design; for example, softer, more natural light and choosing an office space with a lot of natural lighting.  

With the average office employee spending around 90% of their time inside, having a biophilic design will significantly improve their well-being. 

Standing Desks 

The traditional office has desks and chairs; however, research shows sitting too much is bad for your health, leading to the new trend of standing desks. 

A standing desk is a desk that allows you to stand up whilst working; these are all adjustable to ensure comfort. There are many health benefits from using a standing desk, including: 

  • Reduce back pain 
  • Lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity 
  • It may lower blood sugar levels 
  • Can lower your risk of heart disease 

At Workbench, we strive to follow office trends to ensure the best work environment for you and your team!