Top 5 reasons to… live and work in Cardiff

Top 5 reasons to… live and work in Cardiff



Here are reasons why we think Cardiff is such a fantastic location to live and work:

Cardiff is…


  1. a thriving student metropolis

With the media focusing on the negative aspects of being a university city – fresher’s week, Cathays’ transformation from housing area to rubbish dump (!), general acts of debauchery, etc. – it is easy to forget the positives that students and universities bring to Cardiff

A yearly influx of new students ensures that Cardiff’s population remains diverse and, excitingly, ever changing. Many students choose to remain here post graduation, taking up leading roles in businesses and companies and, ultimately, ensuring that future development continues.

If our extensive experience working with education institutes has taught us one thing, it’s that universities provide both great business opportunities, and a bubbling talent pool for recruitment.

  1. a ‘culture’ capital

Cardiff acts as a microcosmic snapshot of Welsh culture – not least because of the abundance of traditional food and drinks proudly on offer. Local Welsh produce, Welsh language pubs, and micro-brewed Welsh ales ensure that Wales’ capital city embraces all that is, well, Welsh.

And this means great things for prospective business entrepreneurs. Cardiff always has room for another eatery, or watering hole.

  1. always developing

It’s an exciting time to live and work in Cardiff, as the city experiences an ongoing period of growth and change. Plans for a revamp of Central Station are underwayas is the planned construction of an extensive Metro system. What’s more, the development of areas such as the Cardiff Enterprise Zone, connecting Cardiff Bay with the city centre and increasing the potential for new office locations, means that Cardiff is buzzing with business opportunities.

  1. a truly sporting city

The Welsh love of rugby is no well kept secret, and Wales’ capital city only further enhances the country’s passion for sport. Proudly boasting the Millennium Stadium, which held the first game of the 2012 Olympics, as well as being home to Cardiff City FC, the Welsh rugby team, and Cardiff Blues (of whom Capital Law are the proud sponsors!), Cardiff is bursting with sporting opportunities. And these opportunities aren’t purely of a social or entertainment value – they provide great links for sponsorship and business development.

  1. a gateway to rest of Wales

Cardiff is perfectly placed to explore the rest of the country. Great transport links, geographical proximity to both leisure and tourism destinations, such as Barry Island and Pembrokeshire, and natural beauty spots, like the Brecon Beacons and Pen y Fan, make Cardiff the ideal hub from which to explore. And, whilst proving great to live in because of the opportunity to easily escape the urban, commercial hustle, Cardiff provides businesses across the UK with plenty of opportunity to capitalise on its great, accessible location.

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