Looking to do more business in Cardiff? It’s the gateway to success in Wales

As the Severn Crossings tolls are reduced, ahead of being scrapped at the end of the year, many businesses in Bristol and the South West are considering expanding their client base into Wales. Now is an excellent time. The reduction in travel costs makes fishing for new business here an excellent idea.

Having an office here helps you build credibility locally, and, as the capital of Wales, Cardiff is the ideal choice for many companies seeking to open a new base. For businesses already in other parts of Wales, Cardiff is the perfect location to take advantage of the potential of the M4 corridor.

Why Cardiff?
Cardiff’s economy is booming. It is strong in public administration, education, health, the creative industries, legal companies, financial services, insurance firms, and professions.
It has large sites for major employers such as Admiral, the BBC, Western Power Distribution, and Target Group.

The city’s economy makes up 20% of Welsh GDP, it has 18,000 self-employed people, its hospitality sector is booming, and it is a driver of Welsh tourism. For businesses in the Valleys, West Wales, and coming over the Severn Crossings from Bristol and the South West, it’s the ideal place for a base.

There are other benefits, too. Cardiff has a thriving business networking scene with several nationwide networks including BNI and 4N, and locally-based networks including Zokit, BizNet and Spotlight. There is also regular networking with FSB members and specialist networks for industries such as property development. Each of the networks has its own attractions to different business sectors, so trying them out with a few free meetings would be the best way of finding the right fit for your company.

Why a virtual office?
Many firms in the city look to do business with local companies. So, having a base in Cardiff helps you get along the axis of being known, liked, and trusted by the potential clients you’re seeking to secure. Being based miles away can be a dampener for some decision makers.

However, having a traditional office can add substantially to your costs at a time when you’re still looking for lucrative income streams in Wales. So, a virtual office would be the ideal way forward. It is cheaper than renting premises, offers you privacy for your home address, and a professional feel for your business. Then, once your Cardiff income is secured, you can decide when to move on to a serviced office space.

What should you look for in a virtual office in Cardiff?
Location, location, location – a great city location can give your business kudos. Flexible service – a site which offers you a virtual office with mail handling, telephone call answering, and the option to upgrade to a serviced office, just like Workbench.

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