Why you need a professional Cardiff mailing address for your business.

Whether you’re a one-man-band start up or a multinational company, it’s important that your business makes a good first impression to show you are serious about what you do. One of the simplest ways to do this is by having a professional business mailing address. When starting out, it can be tempting to just use your home address for all your business correspondence.  After all, you’re going to be running your business from home, right? But as your business grows, you’ll want to look as professional as possible, and that’s why having a virtual office address from the start can give you a competitive advantage from day one.

Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why investing in a professional business address is a great idea:

1. It makes a good first impression which builds trust and credibility.

You know how the saying goes: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And in a business environment, first impressions are everything. They can make or break your business in seconds, and a good first impression forms part of the initial building block for a lasting professional relationship. Giving the impression that your business is located in an office block rather than a back bedroom gives credibility and reassures your customers or clients that you are a legitimate business. 

2. You can meet your clients in a professional setting.

Not all virtual offices have meetings rooms, but Workbench offices aren’t like other virtual offices. We offer two hours free use of our meeting room per month with every virtual office membership. This means that if you need somewhere more professional than the local coffee shop to meet your clients we can accommodate you. Again, this all links back to giving your new business the best possible chance to look as professional as possible from the beginning.

3. It can help you climb up the rankings in Google.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly known, is a huge part of any successful business’ marketing strategy. But even the smallest of local businesses can benefit from working on their SEO. Having a Google My Business profile can help potential customers find you when searching for your services on Google. For example if your customers were searching for “[your service] [your town]” then your business would appear in Google’s local listings. To set this up, Google sends a physical postcard to your specified address with a unique code that needs verifying online. Once this is complete, and with a little more SEO work, your customers will be finding you on Google in no time.

4. You can keep your home address private.

When you start a new business there are lots of things you need to sign up to and places to register your business. Companies House, the bank, and even Google are just some of the places that will need a business address. Whilst being easily found by your potential customers is great, listing your home address will mean they can find out a little bit too much about you. That’s why listing your virtual office address is not only more professional, but safer too.

5. You’ll have someone looking after your post.

With any new business, there comes paperwork and admin, and a lot of it. You’ll be sending forms off and receiving bills back and you’ll probably get a load of junk mail as well. With a Workbench virtual office, we’ll take care of all your post for you and will only send on the letters that you actually want. On top of that, if you’re waiting for a parcel, you’ll never have to stay in waiting for the courier to turn up – you can simply collect it from the office when it arrives. 

So there you have it – five reasons why you really should invest in a professional mailing address from your business as early on as possible. To get yourself a virtual office address with Workbench, it’s super simple, just head to our website and follow the instructions. If you’d like a little bit more information, just give us a call on 02921 111 023 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.