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Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution and given up or failed? 

Often, these resolutions fail because they are goal-orientated rather than process-orientated. This means that they are not encouraging the correct focus, you are concentrating on the end product rather than forming a new approach that will help you to reach your goals.

As business owners, it can be very easy to just focus on what you want to be, not how you need to change in order to get there. 

So, we wanted to give you some helpful tips to make 2023 your best year yet!

  1. Plan ahead 

Long-term planning goes beyond setting an end goal. You need to develop a method of planning that allows you to work towards your larger objectives. 

If you often feel overwhelmed by the number of things you’ve got going on, perhaps some improvements can be made to the way you work.

Get into a routine that works for you. Whether this means planning your week on a Sunday night or Friday afternoon before you finish for the previous week. Heading into the office on Monday with your week planned and waiting for you is a great feeling and it allows you to sit down and get straight on with your tasks. 

Planning ahead also allows you to think about your priorities and plan accordingly. 

  1. Turn your dreams into tasks

Dream big for your business but break it down into steps and start slowly. 

Write down the biggest dream you have and break it down into smaller, simpler steps that allow you to get there. If it is just the fear of failure holding you back, think about your worst and best-case scenarios, best, you succeed and worst, you try again.

Dreams can seem unachievable and overwhelming at first, but picking them apart will help to minimise this feeling.

  1. Celebrate the wins

Acknowledging and celebrating the small successes in your business can motivate you and your team, improve morale and make your workplace happier. 

It is easy to focus on the big goals and only celebrate the big wins, but often there are extended periods between these wins that can lead to demotivation. Celebrating small achievements is just as important as big goals take time to achieve. 

By commemorating these wins you are encouraging feelings of pride, boosting employee morale and helping to work towards the next steps, eventually leading to the overall goal. 

  1. Ask for advice 

People have become reluctant to ask for help due to a fear of appearing incompetent or bothering others. However, asking for advice makes a good impression and encourages learning and the exchange of information. 

Asking for advice allows new perspectives to be heard, which could be the answer needed to solve a particular problem. This helps you to develop solutions and sharpen decision-making. 

  1. Ask yourself…

Instead of just setting Goals you think you should be setting, ask yourself the following –

  • Why is it important?
  • How will it benefit you?
  • How will it benefit others?
  • What is the end result?
  • What has stopped you from hitting this goal before? 

By asking yourself these questions you can motivate yourself and your team, set an established pathway and make the changes that need to be made. 

Don’t let this year go to waste, make it your best yet!