How Workbench helped Fabrikk Design swap cafes for new clients

Fabrikk Design are a small team of experienced Graphic Designers that focus on collaboration, skill building and tellingFabrikk Design stories through branding, web design, illustration and photography. They are also a virtual office client at Workbench. We asked Gemma Owen from the company how Workbench has helped them develop their client relationships.

The Workbench virtual office service allows home office companies to add credibility to their business. For Gemma, this professional image was one of the reasons she joined Workbench: “Running a small business from home means that we’re not looking for large workspaces to rent, but at the same time not wanting to broadcast our home address. Having a virtual office is ideal as it provides a professional business location at an affordable price.”

Workbench’s meeting rooms and their location in Cardiff city centre allow Fabrikk Design to develop their client relationships and helps their business to grow. Gemma continues “Having a physical space to meet clients has really helped with portraying a professional image, as well as somewhere peaceful to have constructive talks (coffee shops are often noisy and crowded alternatives). Having a city centre location with parking was very important to us as it provides a practical base to meet our clients.”

WorkBench meeting roomsWorkbench has an innovative working culture, it is this diverse working environment and value for money that really made Workbench stand out for Gemma: “We have previously used a different virtual office service but changed to Workbench as it offers easy parking, good access to Cardiff and a relaxed but professional environment to come face to face with clients (it was also cheaper!)”.

If like Fabrikk Design, you’re a small but growing home office business looking to add credibility through a professional address and meeting facilities, call us today on: 01656 868 545 or register online here