How to make the most of your home office

It’s easy to look at a space and decide if it feels right or not. What’s not so easy is knowing
exactly how to create that ‘right’ feeling, but with our help, it will be easier than you think. Break
it down into your 5 senses and you’re halfway to creating an environment that’s comfortable and
easy to work in.

We’ve been there, done it and got the T-Shirt, as well as the bad back from not getting an
actual office chair. And after asking ourselves “Why didn’t we do this earlier?!” we decided to
share our learnings with you.

You might not think this one is hugely important to creating the perfect home office and
honestly, it’s not going to make a big difference to how your office looks, but a stylish mason jar
filled with your favourite sweets or a healthy bowl of nuts and seeds will make a surprising
finish to your desk.

More importantly though, it will stop you walking back and forth to the fridge every 5 minutes –
killing time and motivation.

Don’t allow yourself to be surrounded by clutter. You may think you look super busy with a
hectic desk but the reality is, you’re only slowing yourself down. So have a little tidy up – get rid
of anything unrelated to work and organise your documents and clutter.

This is all about only having the essentials around you to decrease distractions and keep you
focused. Bin it… File it… You know what you need to do.

Probably not the first thing you’re thinking about when creating your home office, but smells can
really affect our concentration. If you’re sitting near the kitchen when your other half is making a
bacon sandwich then there’s next to no chance you’ll be able to stay sat at your desk.

It’s not just about getting away from whatever smells are already around you, it’s also about
creating an environment that is completely set for you to work to your full potential. Diffusers or
candles can really help with this as certain scents evoke relaxation and concentration.

Lemon, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon and peppermint are all known for their productivity boosting
so get yourself a diffuser with one of these oils and your productivity levels will increase in next to
no time.

We’re not going to tell you on what you should or shouldn’t do here. If silence works, then shut
the door and turn off the TV. If you find traffic outside your house distracting, then (if you can)
choose a room towards the back of the house.

Or maybe some background noise is exactly what you need. Your favourite playlist blaring in
the background, or some ‘Chilled Hits’ quietly playing away might be just what you need to keep

And the biggy – Sight
A spacious desk and decent lighting go without saying. But let’s talk more about the extra little
bits that can make your home office feel more special.

First of all, get anything ugly off your desk. If something shouldn’t be there, put it back where it
belongs. Tidy your cables up and put the papers away – file them or come into the digital age
and subscribe to secure cloud storage. Now you’re ready to add a little bit of something.
You might be working from home, but this is your business. Your baby that you’ve been
growing. Be proud of it and let your space represent it.

If your primary brand colour is a particular shade of of green, you could create a feature wall in
that colour. Add a few ornaments or bits and bobs in your brand colours and your little home office
space will feel more like your HQ in no time. Make sure the space you’re working in feels right for
your brand.

Now let’s move onto something a little softer. Plants are a great addition to any space – they add
colour, break up bland spaces and have health benefits including providing more oxygen,
increasing humidity and even filtering the air around you. Just two or three around the room will
make a difference.

Let’s finish on a cliche. Photos. Whether it’s your dog, children or your best mates. A photo sat
at the end of your desk will break up the space and give you something to smile at when you’ve
had the worst email of the day come through.

So there’s our two pennies worth on how to make the most of your space when working from home.
But don’t forget your home address isn’t going to give off the ‘big business’ impression that you
might be going for. That’s where Workbench can help with a professional business address.

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Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash