Workbench Serviced & Virtual Offices | Cardiff

The benefits of working from home, or hybrid working, have been widely discussed since Covid forced us all in and out of lockdown. 

Although the pandemic caused a huge spike in people choosing to work remotely rather than travelling into the office, could the cost of bills be about to change that?

The price cap rise for millions of households across Britain sent the average yearly energy bill from £1,971 to £3,549 in October, with further surges forecast for the winter.

According to an article published by ITV News, remote workers use 75% more gas per day over the winter months and 25% more electricity than people who work from the office all week.

Price comparisons from ‘Uswitch’ show that larger households with a higher energy consumption are likely to pay £513 a month, rising to £698 for those who are working from home.

When working from home, not only are you using energy to stay warm, but you are also cooking lunch, making cups of tea, as well as running computers, TVs and phone chargers.

Here at Workbench, you can be as warm or as cold as you like for no extra cost and we even throw in free tea and coffee!

Our 2-desk offices start from just £334, have ample free parking and are all on flexible terms with just two months’ notice required. 

We know the stress that small-business owners will be feeling with the strain that the cost of living crisis is putting on them and we want to be your stress-free, office solution. With our third building currently under construction, we are so excited to be able to welcome even more businesses into the Workbench family.

The new building will be no different to our current home, the same top service, just slightly closer to the city centre. It will house a range of serviced offices starting at 2-desk rooms all the way up to 19-desks, the perfect new home for you and your employees. 

If you employ staff they may be concerned about the added costs of working from home but may not feel like they can reach out to you about this, so why not start the conversation? We care about you, your staff and your business which is what sets us apart from the rest.