6 South Wales BizMums who’ve started businesses from home

6 South Wales BizMums who’ve started businesses from home

Being a parent is hard. There is no disputing that. From the first sleepless night to the first injections and the first steps, parenthood definitely has its ups and downs. But what about the first day back at work? According to a poll by NCT, 43% of mums return to work earlier than they would have prefered because of job security worries. Couple this with the average full-time childcare cost being £232.84, and as well as being unhappy at work, many mums don’t end up with much left in the bank account at the end of the month (or in some cases, even less than they started with). So what could the alternative be?

For some mums, starting a business from home was the answer to their job security and childcare worries. Granted, job security is pretty low when starting a new business, and granted, toddlers, toys, and tantrums don’t present the perfect working environment. But being your own boss can be brilliant. If you dread dropping your little one off at nursery every morning, or perhaps you just dread heading back into the office after every weekend or bank holiday, then take a look at our list of business ideas that you can run from home – like these five south Wales BizMums, it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Sell your creations or something crafty

If you’ve got a creative streak or love arts and crafts, have you ever thought about turning your passion into a business? Craft fairs are held all over Wales and the UK so you’ll have no problem getting your creations in front of an interested audience. If you don’t fancy making your own crafts, you can still have a piece of the crafty pie by selling other brands, or creating your own brand using private label products or even bringing different products together. You can even open an online shop to sell your creations if face-to-face selling isn’t your thing.

Alexis Hughes, founder of Mila & Pheebs

Alexis Hughes, founder of Mila and Pheebs has done exactly this.

As a mum of twins, childcare costs would have outweighed my salary so working from home around the children was my only option. I’ve always been self-motivated so I knew I would be able to make it work. I’m crazy about stationery but wanted to include my children in my business in some way, so I came u with the idea of craft and stationery subscription boxes for children.”

Mila and Pheebs has been open since 2016 and since then Alexis has grown the business so much that she now requires office space and will soon be ready to take on staff.

Start a dropshipping store

If you love the idea of selling something online, but aren’t crafty, then dropshipping could be the way forward for you. Dropshippers hold all of the stock and handle the fulfillment for you, so all your have to do is focus on getting the online orders through, and they will take care of the rest.

Madelaine Thomas and Francesca Irving utilised a business model similar to this when they started their online store, MagnetizeLashes.com as an additional source of income.

Madelaine Thomas, founder of Magnetize Lashes & Albany Assistants

Madelaine’s fine art degree from Middlesex University and her background in retail and merchandising gave the girls a headstart with branding and product selection. Add to this Francesca’s Business and Marketing degree from Cardiff University and online marketing experience, and they were able to make an income from day 1.

After some issues with being back at work, I realised that I’d rather spend more time at home, but I still needed to make an income. I’d started a couple of online shops previously including one other with Francesca, however this time we explored outsourcing the fulfillment element so we could focus on what we do best, online marketing.” – Madelaine Thomas.

We are now in the process of moving our stock to a distribution centre whilst researching dropshippers for our product to take the stress out of our business. I love online marketing and find it easy to push the sales through, however the logistics and fulfillment side doesn’t interest me so dropshipping is the best business model for our business.” – Francesca Irving.

Both girls also now run their own independent service businesses as well as the online shop and work between their homes and an office space when needed: Francesca runs Lunax – a full service marketing agency and Madelaine runs Albany Assistants – a virtual assistant agency.

Sell your service

Francesca Irving, MD of Lunax Digital

Perhaps selling a product doesn’t interest you as much as selling a service does – that’s fine, why not start a home-based business selling something you are good at. Think about your skill-set and offer something

you know you can help with. If you are a qualified accountant, you could set up an accountancy business from home, or if you know all there is to know about HR, then you could become a freelance HR specialist.

Jessica Prime has used her skills to setup her virtual assistant business – www.jessicaprime.co.uk which is essentially a business assistant or online secretary offering all sorts of business support led by the client.

Jessica Prime, founder of Jessica Prime VA

I launched the company a year ago, after the birth of my daughter in 2016. I wanted the freedom of being able to work around my family, but also being able to set a good example to my daughter and to show her how working for yourself works. It’s not always been easy juggling home life, a toddler and a business, but we make it work for our family, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now that my daughter is getting a little older, I’m hoping to expand the business even more, and that’s very exciting.”

Jen Davies, Director of Teal Words

Jen Davies also runs a service-based business – Teal Words, an audio typist service.

I set up my business to work from home after having my third child.  Networking with BizMums has been essential for my business as a way to gain valuable business support and clients and still work around looking after my children.

Start a blog

A few years ago, you’d never have found blogging on a reputable list of genuine ways to make money from home, however now the blogging industry is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. It can take a while to build a loyal following and build relationships with brands, however the sky really is the limit with blogging. You might even find yourself being sent so many packages from brands that you need your own PO box – Workbench can definitely help you out with that.

Sharon Parry runs the blog, After The Playground which focuses on mothers of teenagers and older children.

Sharon Parry, Director of After The Playground.

 I know that there is a focus on how working from home benefits parents with young children but I’ve found it brilliant as a Mum of three teens! Adolescents are notorious for having little ‘jobs’ that parents can do for them like receiving a package they’ve ordered online or taking a picture of their homework and messaging it to them in school. I’m also around to keep an eye on how they are feeling and what they are up to. Joking aside, with teen mental health issues on the rise, this has been important to me.”

So there you have it – 4 very achievable business models that you can start from home, and 5 south Wales mums who have proved it can be done. If you choose to start a business from home but want to look professional from the beginning, Workbench are happy to get your virtual office and business address setup – just get in touch