With Coronavirus lockdown restrictions beginning to ease in the UK, more and more businesses are slowly returning to normal. But what does the new normal look like?

While we don’t yet know what’s in store, here are a few predictions we can expect in the coming months and even years…

Flexible working
Before the virus, many businesses were reluctant to offer remote working to their staff. However, as businesses were forced to adapt to working from home, for many, it’s resulted in increased productivity levels.

Many businesses have had the opportunity to test what works for them and for many employees, this could give the green light to flexible working in the future.

Commuting will change
With increased flexibility to work from home or freedom to work hours that suit family life, crammed trains and heavy road traffic may be a thing of the past. More people will commute at varying hours throughout the day, rather than rush hour, and more people will stay at home completely.

Office life will change
The coronavirus has made many businesses realise that they can operate just as well, if not even better, with teams working from home. For many, large office spaces and owned office buildings will no longer be a requirement and small offices with flexible contracts may be a better alternative to house core staff.

Businesses can cut costs and even improve productivity while keeping employees happy with a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, SME’s with small offices may also realise they don’t need an office at all.

Co-working spaces will likely see an increase as more freelancers and entrepreneurs seek the best of both worlds and virtual offices will become a necessity for all businesses without a physical business location.

Unfortunately, many businesses will not recover from the coronavirus. But in challenging times, there is always the birth of new ideas and new businesses. Lockdown has been an advantageous time for many to finally start their dream business, with some being forced into finding new ways to make a living. Just like in the 2008/2009 financial crash, some of today’s most successful companies will emerge.

Digital Evolution
With more and more people working remotely, there will be more advances in technology and digital skills will become a necessity. How we communicate and do business will change with meetings being held over video calls rather than in-person and task management software becoming vital to manage teams remotely and online.

Will your business need a serviced or virtual office to adapt after lockdown?

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