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With the UK in lockdown for the second month, many people are either desperate for a haircut or resorting to a DIY home-chop.

Thousands of people have taken to scissors and clippers in an effort to self-groom at home and maintain some sort of normal appearance, while others have remained patient and dream of the day the salons reopen.

Here are 15 hair facts to keep you occupied during lockdown…

1. The most expensive haircut in history
The most expensive hair cut took place at the Stuart Phillips Salon in Covent Garden, London on 29 October 2007. It was carried out by Stuart Phillips himself and cost a whopping £8,000!

2. The longest hair in the world
According to the Guinness World Records, the world’s longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping from China. It was last recorded in May 2004 and measured 5.627m (18 feet 5.54 in). Xie Quiping has been growing her hair from age 13, since 1973, and says “It’s no trouble at all”.

3. A full head of healthy hair gathered together can support 23 tonnes of weight.

4. The first-ever hairdresser
The profession of hairdressing was launched as a real profession when Legros de Rumigny was declared the first official hairdresser of the French court. In 1765, de Rumigny published his book, Art de la Coiffure des Dames, which explained how to create styles and included pictures of hairstyles designed by him.

5. The first-ever barbershop
A. B. Moler established the first school for barbers in Chicago, 1893. This was the first institution of its kind in the world and its success was apparent from the get-go as locals began to experiment with different styles.

6. On average, you shed around 50-150 strands of hair a day.

7. Why do some men go bald
Baldness in men is related to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, which causes old hairs on the scalp to be replaced by progressively shorter and thinner hairs. Most people don’t lose their hair until age 50+ but some start losing their hair as early as their teens.

8. A single hair has a lifespan of about five years.

9. Hair grows slightly faster in warm weather, because heat stimulates circulation and encourages hair growth.

10. Aside from bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.

11. The purpose of hair is to protect, regulate the body temperature, and facilitate evaporation of perspiration. Hair also acts as sense organs.

12. All visible hair is dead. Only the hair that’s still inside the epidermis of your scalp is classed as alive.

13. Aside from bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body.

14. The most common hair colour in the world is Black, and the rarest is Red (1% of the population).

15. On average, people have about 100,000 strands of hair on their head.

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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash